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Pressure systems testing, Pressure systems examinations and Pressure systems inspections
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PSSR | Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 | Pressure Systems Inspections

Pressure Systems Safety Regulations (PSSR) Pressure Systems Testing, Pressure Systems Examinations, Pressure Systems Inspections


To secure the safety of people at work from the uncontrolled release of stored pressure energy.

The regulations apply to

Users/owners of a system that contains a relevant fluid and at least one pressure vessel exceeding 250 bar.litres. They must by law have a written scheme of examination before the system can be operated and shall have the system examined within the intervals specified.

    Relevant fluids

  • Compressed air over 0.5 bar g
  • Steam at any pressure
  • Hot Water over 110˚C
  • Gases over 0.5 bar g
  • Liquids where vapour pressure over 0.5 bar g is generated at a temperature over 17.5°C

The Regulations require the ‘User/Owner’ to

  • Establish the safe operating limits of the pressure system and durably label this information so it is legible and clearly visible - Regulation 7.
  • Have a suitable written scheme of examination (WSE) drawn up and/or certified by a competent person for the examination at appropriate intervals of pressure vessels, all protective devices, and any pipework that is potentially dangerous – Regulation 8
  • Arrange to have examinations carried out by a competent person at intervals set down in the written scheme of examination
    - Regulation 9.

  • Provide adequate operating instructions to ensure the system is operated within its safe operating limits and emergency instructions
    – Regulation 10 & 11.

  • Ensure that the system is properly maintained – Regulation 12.
  • Keep adequate records for the system, including maintenance history, the most recent examination and any suppliers’ records supplied with new or used plant - Regulation 14.

How we assist in achieving compliance

  • Survey your system and report our findings.
  • Establish the safe working limit of the system.
  • Draw up the Written Schemes of Examination (WSE) and set the examination intervals.
  • Produce a ‘real place’ schematic diagram of the system on CAD and identify the critical components with unique tag numbers.
  • Create a Regulations Compliance Management Dossier incorporating the Written Schemes of Examination, schedules, procedures, drawings and supporting information to demonstrate safe systems compliance management for the benefit of company or Health & Safety Executive audits.
  • We remove, examine/test, and refit the necessary critical components, eliminating the need for you to employ a third party.
  • Our bespoke computer software maintains the records for the systems and gives six weeks’ notification of when components are due for examination. This allows the work to be scheduled at a time that is most convenient for your processes and production.

Pressure systems safety inspections


Pressure Systems Examinations, Pressure Systems Testing, Pressure Systems Inspections

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PSSR | Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 | Pressure Systems Examinations

Pressure Systems Testing | Pressure Systems Examinations | Pressure Systems Inspections

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