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Pressure Systems Regulations Compliance Management Programmes

We act as ‘competent persons’ writing the Written Schemes of Examination and conduct the formal examination of compressed air, industrial gas, steam and hot water systems in accordance with the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000, SI 2000 No.128. All the documentation is presented in an easy-to-use Regulations Compliance Management Dossier. MORE>>

Compressed Air System Efficiency Audits

We conduct efficiency audits on compressed air systems and normally identify savings between 23 and 45%. These are based on measured facts and are in a modular format that allows the correct aspects of the system to be measured and addressed. MORE>>

Flow Monitoring

Our flow monitoring programme allows the demands of a system or piece of user equipment to be accurately determined without having to interrupt the operation of the system. Compressed air, inert gases, water and vacuum can all be measured in pipework up to 36”. MORE>>

Compressor Performance Testing

Compressor performance testing is conducted in accordance with BS ISO 1217 to determine the unit’s actual performance.The tests identify the full and part load capacity of the compressor as well as the full, part and off load power consumptions.

Electrical Power Monitoring

We conduct electrical power monitoring on air compressors and refrigeration systems to determine the system’s power requirements and actual usage. This allows the efficiency of the systems to be determined and areas for energy saving to be identified and actioned.MORE>>

Compressed Air Quality Testing

Breathing air quality testing is conducted in accordance with BS EN 1201 and Defence standards to ensure that the air is suitable for breathing and meets the requirements of COSHH. MORE>>

System Design and Project Management

Our Project Management Division undertakes assignments for the design and/or redesign of compressed air and industrial gas systems. The designs conform to the requirements of the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 SI 2000 No.128 and the British Compressed Gas Association codes of practice, where applicable. The designs incorporate simple and inexpensive features that optimise the performance and reduce the operating costs of the systems as well as ensuring that they are easy to operate and maintain. The Division is staffed with Managers and Engineers who are fully experienced and qualified to undertake all aspects of pressure system design. The service ranges from conceptual system design, detailed specification and equipment selection, to project management, procurement, commissioning, final handover and testing.

Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) Compliance Management

Our qualified engineers conduct a thorough survey of the systems, compile the compliance management programmes and conduct the formal examination and test of the systems to meet the requirements of COSHH. MORE>>

Pressure Vessel Examination and Testing

Pressure vessel examination and testing is conducted on site in accordance with the Written Scheme of Examination.
The examinations can include internal and external thorough visual examinations, spot or full ultrasonic examinations,
dye penetrant examination, radiography and hydrostatic or pneumatic pressure testing. MORE>>

Pressure Relief Valve Testing and Pressure Indicator Calibration

Using our certified portable calibrators, we carry out the setting and calibration of compressed air, gas and steam pressure relief valves and pressure indicators from 0.1 bar up to 700 bar both on site and at our workshops.  On completion, a test certificate is issued for each unit.

System Drawings

We conduct surveys of our client’s sites and produce drawings of the installed systems in ‘real place’ so that the pipework and components are shown intheir correct location relative to the building outlines and principal installed machines and equipment. This service covers compressed air, steam, water and gas systems and gives the user an accurate record of their systems, which is invaluable for compliance with regulations, system maintenance and planning.

Leak Detection Surveys

It is estimated that 30% of the compressed air generated in the UK is wasted through leakage. Our leak detection surveys use ultrasonic leak detectors to identify and pin-point the location of any leaks in a system. The location, nature and magnitude of each leak is recorded in a spread sheet and the leak is physically tagged with a label to aid its location for repair. When a system drawing is available, the location of the leak is also marked on the drawing.
The tabulated summary also details the annual cost of the leak, which allows their rectification to be prioritised in order of the savings that will be achieved. MORE>>


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